October 25

Eclipse News
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, directed by David Slade, starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, and adapted by Melissa Rosenberg from Stephenie Meyer’s novel has officially ended its run after 114 days, as per Box Office Mojo. Eclipse took in $300,531,751 (43.5%) at US/Canada theaters, in addition to $389,599,756 (56.5%) for a worldwide total of $690,131,507. It’s the fourth biggest domestic box-office hit of the year, after Toy Story 3, Alice in Wonderland, and Iron Man 2.

Domestically, Eclipse made more money than either Twilight and New Moon. But considering 2010’s higher ticket prices and the fact that Eclipse was screened at nearly 200 IMAX theaters (which charge more than regular theaters), in all likelihood New Moon remains the Twilight movie that sold the most tickets. (Eclipse would have needed another $1.5-2.5m to surpass its predecessor.)

Just a reminder the Eclipse DVD will come out December, 4th.

Eclipse Gum
Eclipse Gum is teaming up with Summit Entertainment to bring you a fun way to access some special secret footage from the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse DVD release while we patiently wait for it’s release in December. Check out more below for details:

About the Experience

Eclipse gum teams up with Summit Entertainment to present exclusive secret footage from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Collect codes from specially marked packs of Eclipse gum to unlock The Twilight Saga: Eclipse secret footage and images. Every code reveals secret footage when the specially marked pack of Eclipse gum is held up to a webcam. There are five videos and 30 images featuring exclusive content from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

How Do I Unlock the Secret Codes?

Find a code inside a specially marked package of Eclipse® gum, and enter the code in the box provided on screen to unlock the secret footage. You do not need to indicate which pack you have before entering your code. The code entered will determine which video is played.

There are five videos to be unlocked. Specially marked Eclipse 12-count Blister packs have one of five character designs. Each character design contains a code that unlocks one of the five different videos.

Specially marked 60-count Big E Pak® bottles have one of two character designs. Each character design contains one of five codes to unlock one of five different videos. Unlike the Blister packs, codes on the Big E Pak® bottles do not necessarily match the character design.

Read all about it over at Eclipse Secrets here.

Twilight Themed Episode of The Simpons
On November 7th "The Simpsons" will have a Twilight related episode. Check out the clip here.